Introduction of AVIC Shanghai Aeronautical
Measurement-Controlling Research Institute

Aviation Industry Corporation of China Shanghai Aero Measurement & Control Technology Research Institute (AVIC SAMRI) was founded in 1962, belongs to Aviation Industry Corporation of China Basic technology research institute. AVIC SAMRI is mainly engaged in aircraft fault diagnosis and prediction and health management technology research and application, testing and security equipment development, production and technical services. The main technology includes fault diagnosis and prediction technology, health management technology, data acquisition and processing technology, security and comprehensive security technology, sensor technology, integrated testing technology, testing (verification) technology, research and application of maintenance technology, equipped with light, machine, electric manufacturing centers. AVIC SAMRI owns quality management system certification for GB/T19001-2000, weapons and equipment research and production license, equipment contractor qualification. It is high-tech enterprises in Shanghai, Civil aircraft repair Engineering Research Center for collaborative unit for COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Customer Service Co. Ltd., equipment fault diagnosis technology development center based unit of China Association of equipment management.


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